My new studio!!!

So, after many hours of scrubbing and scraping on hands and knees in order to release the floor from its mastic glue prison...... me and the lovely Donna Walker have finished our new studio! Yay!
We took on the lease with the room looking dark and dismal, with dodgy looking and stained carpet tiles, magnolia walls and weirdly sticky vertical blinds! yet now it is a bright, colourful and frankly happy space for lovely creatives to allow their clever brains to let loose!

We had a minuscule budget (as is always the case!), so our scavenging skills sprung into action and we started by re-upholstering 4 60's steel cantilever chairs which were a steal- (eeek,.. sorry couldn't resist!) at a mere 15 quid for all 4! Bargain!

Next up, we headed to the amazing Wimbledon Car Boot and begged and bartered for varying numbers of cabinets and shelving in all different shapes and sizes- some for free... some for an extortionate £3.50! ;)
We sanded them all down and then carted them off to the spray painters for a quick makeover! We then placed them in formations and mounted them on the wall to create our unique take on office shelving!

And with some desks, a stunning chair and light by Donna Walker Design and a few more up cycled items of ours.... the finished result! Come and join our little design community, large desk spaces with your very own shelving and all mod-cons included are going for a mini £46 per week in a fantastic location just up from Regents canal and down from Dalston Kingsland and Dalston Junction stations: 1-9 Downham Road, N1 5AA

We look forward to seeing you!!! xx

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