On the BBC!!!!!!!

We're on BBC One!!! Would you believe it!..... no?! Well here's the link to prove it Britain's Empty Homes Episode 13. Fast forward to 6 minutes 57 seconds in and there we are! Enjoy :)


SEB Reception counter design

Another design completed.....
.... Collaborating with my fellow designers at Burtt-Jones and Brewer, the design and construction of the main reception counter at SEB has been completed.
The challenge was to create a beautiful and seamless scandinavian inspired counter around the main body of the existing and rather cumbersome original desk.
The brief was to design a more user friendly counter for both the receptionists and the visitors, ensuring that the creation was both functional and fluid in it's construction and also it's aesthetic.

We're all very pleased with the outcome and so are SEB, so happy faces all round!
For further details visit Burtt-Jones and Brewer's website link and scroll to 'A Grand Reception'

The images above are of the visuals created for the client before construction and then the resulting design.


Primary school reading area come to life

Before I became an independent soul and decided to embark on the design world alone... I worked for a fantastic Architects practice in a little town in the South West of the Uk called NVB Architects. I headed up the Interior Design/ Architect division of the practice (me being the only Interior Designer amongst many Architects!) and was lucky enough to create designs for some very prestigious and exciting projects.
Obviously creating buildings from the ground up is a rather slow process and is the reason that this design has taken a while in the making..... however as they always say- 'good things come to those who wait'!
So, here we are. My input into the project was the design of the rather individual and playful library seating and storage pods being used to great effect by the lovely kids themselves! Always exciting to see happy customers!
The school on the receiving end of such a monumental new build was St Mary's Purton Primary School so feel free to check the beautiful building out in all its glory.

Fantastic outcome!

In the images you can see the original drawings that were created by me and then presented to the school, and then the completed designs.


It's me!!!!

One of over 500 photographs taken of people living, working and studying in the five Olympic host boroughs of Greenwich, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham and Waltham Forest.

Photography: Yujin Yun, Christina Katsantoni, Ewa Balazinska, SangDuck Bae, Paul Yeung & Amanda Shiu and Tomoko Kinoshita.
Screensaver programming: Thomas Daly and Stephen Pho.

Download the COUNTO12 screensaver clock or find out more at:


'to live is to leave traces’

Working on something new and exciting with Donna Walker, Katy Beinart, Talulah Mason and Adam Towner at Dead Dolls Club!!!

Watch this space for more news!!

Yummmy Meatballs!

Visited this beautiful refitted restaurant recently in Clerkenwell. It was an enchanting evening- not only because the design was fantastic but also because a blanket of snow had fallen on London making it that little extra magical!
The restaurant itself used to be an old chop house and the most amazing thing about the company Meatballs is that they've hardly touched the interior. They've left all of it's original features and simply added their understated and classic branding.
The food and drink were brilliant too!

Well worth a visit.