Designers Block Exhibition Design!!!!

The fantastic results of a hectic few days! It all came together in the end thankfully (even if I did have to rush off on holiday smack bang in the middle of it all!!)
A little background:
WeDoCollective consist of Donna Walker, Camilla Meijer, Simon James Whatley and Munire kirmaci... and of course me Dominique Brown.
These guys came together to exhibit at Designers Block 2011 and I lent a helping hand in enabling them to unite their work within one space whilst maintaining their individuality!
I created the design of a 'web' structure, with each designer having their own colour that defined their space whilst also interlinking into others.
The added artefacts of mirrors and plinths aided to 'lift' their work both visually and literally, allowing the varying heights at which each designers pieces hovered, to merge together as one whole exhibition.

The exhibition and the designers beautiful work has been featured on the following blogs.... so far... more to come hopefully!

And more images of the exhibition, beautifully
photographed by James Greig can be seen here